6 thoughts on “Otis in trouble again”

  1. This is unrelated, but I noticed that the Braves’ TV schedule for this year is now available on the official team site. There are no games on Turner South in April or May, but practically all the games in June and July (except for the Wednesday Fox SportsNet games and the Saturday FOX broadcasts) are on Turner South.

    What sense does this make? Baseball has a virtual monopoly on the other sports in the middle of summer, and the Braves are sending most of their games during that time to a network that 75 percent of their fans don’t get.

    Of course, I’ve got satellite now and get Turner South, but I think about people like my grandmother, who only has basic cable (but not Turner South) and never misses a broadcast on TBS or Fox.

  2. Responding to Justin’s post: Otis Nixon was a joy to watch when he played for the Braves and was a key contributor to the team. Even when he was dealing with his drug problem, he conducted himself with class. I, for one, am sad to hear of his recent troubles and hope he gets his life back on track.

  3. I always liked Otis as well, but it’s funny how he pretty much gets a free pass even though his drug suspension late in the 1991 season might have cost the Braves the World Series title. Braves fans have instead chosen to make villains out of guys who did their best on the field and failed, like Lonnie Smith and Charlie Leibrandt.

  4. Quite true. Anyone notice the extension/restructuring to Marrerro’s deal? Apparently he’s only going to average $2.5 million over the next two years, although there are some incentive clauses.

    Hope he’s good!

  5. I’ll never be one of those that tries to pin ’91 on Lonnie Smith. He hit three bombs in that WS, if you want to get on somebody start with Sid Bream (3 for 24).

    Now Leibrandt is another story. 0-2 with an 11.45 kind of says it all.

    I don’t hold any grudge against Otis either. With Gant, Smith, Justice the outfield looked just fine without him.

    Final ’91 Series note: Coming off a year where he posted a nifty 582 OPS in 353 ABs, Rafael Belliard slapped Twins pitching around to the tune of 6-16 with 4 RBIs in the World Series. Of course he was totally overlooked because that was the year Lemke put up a 1091 OPS and became Mr. Clutch.

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