3 thoughts on “Oh, God, not another merger”

  1. Time Warner Chief Executive (finger quotes)Richard D. Parsons(end finger quotes) will agree to pay $100 million to $200 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle charges

    Also known as the architect and evil genius behind… The RICHARD PARSONS PROJECT!

  2. LOL, Ed!

    Kind of a funny poll on the AJC’s Braves page asking if the Braves are done dealing or if they’re waiting to unleash a “blockbuster”. The unleashings have it by a 2-1 margin. I hope the masses are right, but expect they’re wrong.

  3. TW is picking up Adelphia! Awright!

    Maybe the Rigas family can help square away the financial picture!

    While we are at it, let’s bring in Tyco to do the new action figure set!

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