– MLB – Stark: Dangerous expectations

It has been a stunning and remarkable tale. But there’s a lesson in how it turned out. And it’s proof that all the dopes on this whole front-running planet who still underestimate the achievements of the 1992-2003 Braves just don’t get it. The lesson is this:

“It’s so hard to win when you’re supposed to win,” said Smoltz this week. “And it’s so easy — or, I should say, easi-er — to win when you’re not supposed to.”

UPDATE: I missed this before, but it’s interesting:

Is there really an art to knowing how to win when you’re expected to win? The Braves, of course, don’t just know it. They have pretty much copyrighted it.

“That,” laughed Schuerholz, “is a question that requires a 300-page book to answer. And it’s coming out [from an author named Schuerholz] in a couple of years. But yeah, I think there is an art to it.

Hmmm… Is JS giving us a hint as to when he’ll retire? I mean, you can write a book while still active, but I don’t think you give away trade secrets, do you? A book coming out in 2006 would indicate that next season would be his last. And Bobby’s contract runs through next season. Just something to ponder.