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  1. Hey Mac, Do you think JS is done dealing or does he have something major up his sleeve. If there’s one thing JS likes, it’s a big splash. Last year the big moves were Hampton, Ortiz, and Byrd. The year before the move was Sheffield. Drew was okay but was nowhere near the size JS traditionally deals with. There’s still a lot of big free agents on the market and big names up for trade. You can’t predict who JS might go after, but is this team the one we will see on opening day?

  2. Someone posted a rumor on the Beckett.com Baseball message board about a possible deal with Oakland sending Barry Zito and a PTBNL to the Braves for Horacio Ramirez, Marcus Giles, and Andy Pratt.

    The PTBNL would probably be a young LF, which would allow Chipper to move back to 3B and DeRosa to 2B.

    Again, this rumor is probably fake, as I can’t imagine Oakland would think about moving Zito. But he would make a nice addition to the rotation.

  3. Oakland WOULD trade Zito for the right package. He’s already their third-best starting pitcher, and could be their fourth-best soon if Harden develops as expected. Plus, he’s about to get too expensive for the A’s.

    That said, I have no idea if there is any truth to that rumor. If the Braves did deal Giles, they’d better get some offense back.

  4. That deal will not happen. Who would we get, Byrnes? Our offense would take yet another blow. Ramirez is no Zito, but he is awfully good. Pratt is a potential stud. Why deal two potential ace southpaws and a slugger for ONE ace southpaw and some idiot left fielder? We already traded Wainwright. Chipper would do more defensive damage with a return to third than he already does in left, and we would have to move him in a year or two because of Marte. So Chipper’s mind would be all screwed up. Oakland will lose Zito for financial reasons… the Braves are begining to lose every key free agent on an annual basis. Our lineup is good, we do need one more pitcher. Trade Betemit and a prospect like Pratt for someone like Tony Armas. That would be a nice deal. If not, no need to make a desperate move in January.

    P.S. Zito is still Oakland’s ace.

  5. I think Beane would trade Zito for Marcus, especially if he got some young pitching back. My suspicion is that of the three Zito is the one they’d be most likely to trade (he has the best reputation but the most troubling peripherals) and I’d be stunned if he hasn’t been asking about Marcus — practically an ideal A — for years.

    I don’t think that the Braves would do that right now. Maybe in a year if Marte is ready, though even then… They really don’t have a second baseman ready in the farm.

    If the Braves were going to make a trade with the A’s, I think Furcal would be more likely.

    Anyway, I doubt there are any blockbusters left. They might pick up a veteran hitter for the bench, and they have to still be thinking about the bullpen.

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  7. Reaganman, I never said the Braves should trade for Zito or that they’d deal Marcus Giles. I just said Oakland would trade Zito (and nearly anyone else on their roster, for that matter).

    Zito may be their ace in name (largely because he won the Cy Young in 2002 and hasn’t had any injury problems yet), but Hudson’s their best pitcher. Last year, Mulder was their second-best. As Mac implied (and I should have stated explicitely), Zito’s strikeout rate was way down and his walk rate was up last year, which indicates he was “hit lucky” (if you believe in that sort of thing) to end up with an ERA of 3.30.

  8. I never said nor indicated that Bean would not make the trade, I don’t see Schuerholtz making the trade (all of the reasons I listed showed how the deal would hurt Atlanta). Schuerholtz is also much more conservative than Bean. It takes at least two teams to complete a trade. I know what you said, my comment was not directed at you (it was directed at the rumor). It is possible that a similar deal could happen at the trade deadline, but this particular deal will not happen (especially before Spring Training).

    I do not believe in luck, there is cause and effect. Zito is the only Oakland starter who has never finished a season with an ERA over 3.50. A pitcher’s ERA usually determines how good he is pitching (I don’t care how the dude keeps people from scoring). Sometimes ERA is misleading, as a pitcher could be in an ideal situation or maybe he is just pitching better than normal. But four strait years without ever ending the year with an ERA over 3.50 is impressive. Don’t get me wrong, Hudson and Mulder are great. Zito is more consistent, and he has the lowest career ERA out of the three. In fact, Zito has never had a single year with an ERA as high as Mulder’s career ERA (3.77). In case you were wondering, Hudson’s career ERA is 3.26 and Zito’s is 3.12. Not a huge difference, but keep in mind that he is three years younger and his stuff is more dominating. Plus, a Cy Young doesn’t hurt Zito’s case.

  9. Looking at what Atlanta has to offer and what Oakland needs, the only way I see the deal working is by involving a third team. The Braves will want to offer some prospects to fill out the trade(ie Pratt, Betemit)but the A’s need talent that’s ready now. The Braves won’t part with Giles or probably any of next years starting postion players. So a third team must be involved and probably one thats not planning on contending and wants potential for the future. It would work out with prospects go to a third team, Ramirez goes to Oakland, a bat goes to Oakland from the third team, Zito comes to Atlanta, and someone from Oakland goes to the third team. That way everyone would get what the want and not have to give up too much. The hard part is finding the third and actually working the deal out.

  10. This is possible. It is a more likely scenario, however, at the trading deadline when some teams out of contention will be more willing to do a fire sale. The Expos, for example, hope to contend (they signed Carl Everett and Tony Batista). But if they’re 20 games back at the trading deadline, they might be willing to trade Jose Vidro to Oakland in this hypothetical deal. Especially if our prospects are looking good at that point (a rebound year for Betemit would make this deal more plausible). Plus, I’d rather the third team provide a bat and a pitcher so that we could keep Ramirez. If Betmeit and Pratt are super prospects at the time, then Schuerholtz could pull that off.

  11. Has anyone heard any rumors about where Robert Fick may land? I’ve heard Tampa and the Angels, but looking at their current rosters, it doesn’t look like there’s room either place – maybe off the bench for the Rays?

  12. ESPN chatroom with Jerry Crasnick on Jan 5

    Here are 2 Q&A’s relevant to us:

    Jeff (Newton, IL): Do the Cardinals have a shot at Greg Maddux and if not who does?

    Jerry Crasnick: Jeff, Cardinals have a shot at Greg Maddux, but he might have to get more realistic about his market value. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Baltimore get in the mix, or Cubs or even Giants if his price drops.

    Dan (Orange County, CA): Jerry- Any chance the Braves will finish better than third in the NL East after giving up a huge chunk of offense (Sheffield, Javy Lopez) and Philly adding Worrell and Wagner? (Assuming Florida can continue their winning ways)

    Jerry Crasnick: Dan, There’s a chance, obviously, but I really don’t care much for what the Braves have done this offseason. I know we’ve heard this song before, but I think their division title streak is in serious jeopardy.

  13. Well if JERRY CRASNIK says we’re done, then I guess we’d all better just pack up and go home.

  14. Good call choppinmama. Fick signed a one year deal with the D-Rays. I had thoguht he had already signed with the Angels about a month ago. Guess not.

  15. Ramirez, Pratt, and Jesse Garcia for Barry Zito. Chipper needs to move back to 3rd. He is more valuble there than DeRosa.

  16. If Bean accepted or offered or even considered making that deal, I would stop calling him the best GM in baseball.

  17. Mac, that email bounced from the edu acct. You wanna handle this through our message board’s private messaging ability. I hope you still have that user/pass for the boards.

    Let me know… things will be changing soon and I wanted to be sure you were kept abreast of the situation.

  18. One of the best rp is still out of a job. Jeff Nelson. He would look great in the 8th innings. The Zito deal is all about MONEY. It’s not who you get.

  19. I agree about Jeff Nelson, I hope Schuerholtz isn’t sleeping on the job… The Zito “deal” does not exist, it’s just a rumor that gives guys like us something to talk about. But… if it were real… both the A’s and Braves would be hoping to improve their teams with the trade (both teams have made their financial moves and are now trying to give their respective teams enough to compete.)

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