– MLB – Braves add bat, get Drew from Cardinals

JD Drew and Eli Marrero for Ray King, Jason Marquis… and Adam Wainwright. Well, Wainwright; the Braves would have given Marquis away at this stage, and King doesn’t have a whole ot of value either. But Wainwright… That’s a lot to give up. I thought that the Braves would get Drew (I’d become convinced over the last few days) but thought they’d be able to swing it without giving up their best pitching prospect. The Cards held out, I guess.

Drew’s had injuries throughout his career, of course. But he’s been good to excellent when he’s been able to play, and is a career .282/.377/.498 hitter. If he can stay relatively healthy, he can give them 90 percent of Sheffield with half the cost and maybe a quarter the agita.

You might be thinking of Eli Marrero as a throw-in, but he’s one of the game’s better bench players, or was in 2001-02. He too was hurt last year, and played poorly. But he can catch or play any outfield position and he has some pop. Backup catcher solved.

But Wainwright… Good lord.