48 thoughts on “Jeff Blauser the new AA manager”

  1. Mac,

    What’s scary to me is that I was thinking the same exact thing a couple of days ago. I’m thrilled that he’s back in the organization and think he’ll make a fine manager.

  2. I think he’s got the stuff and they are starting him well up the food chain. That must say something about how they feel about him.

  3. The Salty Dog (Jarrod Saltalamacchia) went 2 for 3 yesterday in the USA qualifying game against Mexico, including the game winning RBI with a single to right in the bottom of the 9th. He’s hitting .800 in two games (4 for 5) with a walk and a couple XBH.

  4. Jenny, go be a diplomat and tell Raffy’s cousin he needs to be a Brave. Make an offer she can’t refuse!

  5. The AJC is reporting that we have been talking to Hoffman. I would rather have him than Farsnworthless.

  6. “I just found out that one of Rafael Furcal’s cousins lives on the floor above mine. Very cool.”

    WHAT!? are you serious…like first cousins? Are they from and went to HS in the DR or did Raffy move em over here? if they are from the DR how did they get to college here? i thought raffy grew up poor and w. no much access to education

    at any rate at least now you know where to score some drinks from

  7. Smitty said:

    The AJC is reporting that we have been talking to Hoffman. I would rather have him than Farsnworthless.

    Couldn’t we have both?

  8. Acquiring Hoffman and re-signing Farnsworth would be big from where this pen has been. With Hoffman finishing the job we could have Farnsworth setup the 8th and possibly a Devine/Boyer/McBride combo in the 7th if needed. I also think we should send a spring training invite to Hammond.

  9. Adam, I got goose bumps thinking about that. It looks as thought East is going to be weaker next year too. The Marlins are moving out guys like Claros Del-gone-o,Juan Piere, and AJ Burnett is also gone. The Phillies are moving Thome and maybe Abreu and/or Burrell. The Mets could get Manny and still not be much better. They have Pedro and …? The Nats are going to be terrible.

    I think we can win this thing without Furcal. IF we can get in the playoffs with Hoffman and Farnsworth in the pen with a healthy Smoltz and Huddson at the top of the rotation. Then screw the Astros!

  10. Well, I think Furcal has a lot of cousins. According to Juan, the one I know, their grandfather had 18 kids (shockingly, all by the same woman). He says the last time he saw Raffy was a family reunion in the DR a long while ago at which point Raffy told him he was “gonna go play baseball in the US.” Juan thought he was joking ;-) I’m not sure about the whole education thing, but Juan is from Providence, RI but has a really heavy accent, so I’m guessing he moved there for high school. That’s what it sounded like. Maybe his family’s richer than Uncle Furcal’s family.

  11. Unless Hoffman and his agent come waaaay down in price, and then Farnsworth and his agent cave in and realize that only the two clubs Farnsworth played for last season think of him as a closer, the Braves won’t get both. Let’s face it, the Braves may not get either one.

    Yeah…I like Jeff Blauser and all, but I’m waiting for the “Why won’t they restructure Chipper’s contract already if they need money so badly” blog…

  12. Perhaps it’s ridiculously unrealistic to consider, but the idea of a Hoffman-Farns combo with the young’uns in the 6th/7th gets me hot, too.

  13. Let me just comment on what a HORRIBLE idea it would be to sign A.J. Burnett to a 5-year contract no matter what the price. His arm is Darren Dreifort waiting to happen.

  14. I don’t think Burnett will get six. Pretty much anything after year three these days is uninsurable. I can’t see teams going past five.

    However, he’ll get more than 5/50. I expect him to go just under 5/60.

  15. Hate to say it, but sometimes pitching coaches & certain organizations are like the deluded girlfriend who thinks, “But I can change him…”

  16. Pay raise of the year

    2006-$4 mil

    I wonder why Florida doesnt want to sign a multi year deal w/ him. We can give them Hampton and take Willis of their hands.

  17. per Rotoworld:

    MLB and Turner Sports extend broadcasting deal through 2012.

    “Turner will continue to air approximately 125 games on TBS and Turner South, featuring the 14-time defending division champion Braves.”

  18. jenny;

    Do you know why pirate jokes are so funny?

    They just arrrrr!

    Does anyone know a good way to follow Braves prospects playing winter ball? Thanks.

  19. The best way is to either get on Kevin Goldstein’s mailing list at Baseball America or go to JDM Scoresheet Rookie Reports (link here). They don’t cover every player, but you’ll see a linescore whenever Marte, Betemit, or Salty do well.

  20. King Kaufman at Salon.com has this suggestion about warning kids about the dangers of steroids:

    “…a good place to start would be an aggressive, innovative, energetic and varied program of education and treatment….and I don’t mean the brain-dead approach that put “Just say no” into the lexicon, although I think if the mainstream media just started calling steroids “ball-shrinking juice” it would keep more kids clean than all the speeches Rafael Palmeiro is ever going to give at schools for the rest of his life.”

    I know this probably belongs on the previous thread, and I’m not trying to restart the discussion. Just thought this was kinda funny.

  21. Burnett really IS that great, it’s just that his attitude and injury problems (his “baggage”) should be enough to lower his price out of the range of the elite. The surprising thing is that those factors don’t seem to have any effect, even with a long-term deal.

    If he stays healthy and content, he’s worth $12 million. He begins to not be worth it the minute his elbow flares up again (which it has even since Tommy John). Five years is a long time to bank on this guy being healthy.

  22. Chipper renegotiates his contract, according to the AJC. They’ve guaranteed his option years in 2007 and 2008 (which were pretty much guaranteed to vest anyway), but the overall value of the contract drops from 47 million to 33 million over the next three years. There’s also a vesting option for 2009, but no details yet on how much it’s for or what it takes to activate it.

  23. All right!!! AJC is reporting that Chipper has restructured his contract that will save the Braves six millions next year and $15 millions in the next three years. Now, there should be enough money to keep Furcal and going after Hoffman. Hats off to Chipper who recognizes he needs a gold glove shortstop to cover his own limited range at third base. The Braves are now much more flexible in their decisions this winter now.

    However, I don’t think there is enough saving to have both Hoffman and Farnsworth in the bullpen because I believe the Yankees and the Mets are going hard after Farnsworth. By the way, why the hate on Farnsworth? For giving up two long fly balls which should be outs in any other parks in game 4? I still prefer him better than Hoffman to be honest. Hoffman is great, but he is getting old…

  24. According to AJC, Chipper is restructuring his contract. It’s kind of hard to figure, but apparently his salary is going down to $11 million next season and they’re replacing the option years with guaranteed years. It’s supposed to save the Braves $15 million the next 3 seasons. Not bad.

  25. You know, I think it’d be a great idea if the Braves restructured Chipper’s contract – what do you guys think?

  26. Haha we all posted at the same time. This refresh button thingy is really great, I should use it more often…

  27. AJ Burnett is Chan Ho Park, Redux.

    Chipper Jones is the man. Unless he kills someone or gambles against the Braves, he is forever an unhateable player for Braves fans. He knew those options would’ve vested anyway. Way to take one for the team. Let’s just hope he averages more than 120 games over the next 3 years.

  28. Good post, it seems like the Braves are the most logical fit. Eyre flew a little bit under the radar, at least for me. Seems he turned his career around when received treatment for ADD a couple of years back. Nasty lefty relievers are always a good thing to have.

  29. Rotoworld thinks Eyre’s headed to the Cubs–he has played under Dusty Baker before, so maybe he’s okay with his arm falling off.

    If Atlanta did get Eyre, I’d imagine that would mean shoving Reitsma out into the cold. I’m fine with that.

  30. AJ Burnett is Chan Ho Park, Redux.

    To his credit, A.J. does have a no-hitter under his belt. So maybe he’s more like Bud Smith, Redux.

  31. Yo thats good to here we have a bravo workin his way up the coachin ranks. But i was wondering if anyone has heard anything about smoltz, maddux, or glavine becomin the braves pitchin coach eventually. i think all 3 of them would make a good one. probably smoltz would be the best since he has been both a closer and a starter.

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