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  1. Here is a name that nobody has thrown out for third base: Beltre. I know that he is not a free agent, but with the dodgers re-signing ventura he might be available.

  2. On the other hand, if you’re going to go for someone whose career is in the toilet, Tatis would be a lot cheaper. Beltre’s probably a better bet, though. Hmm.

  3. Since we are throwing out previously unmentioned names, how about Kelly Johnson? I realize that DeRosa will be at 3b and possibly with some help from Hessman. This may well prove to be adequate. But, if not, could Johnson help out? I have read many times that he will move from SS, but I do not remember this ever being to third. He will only be 22 in the Spring and probably needs the time at Richmond. But during the second half of last season and in the AFL he hit well. I know he has some defensive limitations, but he would hardly be the first shortstop to try third. Any thoughts?

  4. I must be the only braves fan that is excited to see DeRosa FINALLY get a crack at being a starting member of this team. DeRosa is a gamer, he works hard, his defense is above average and he’s a clutch hitter. This is a player that deserves to be a starter, and he’s a hell of a lot better than the free agent alternatives. I think he has the potential to hit 18-20 homers and bat 280 plus. He will hardly hurt this team.

  5. What happened to the $11 million the Braves offered Sheff? They havn’t spent it on pitching and none of the right fielders mentioned would carry that kind of salary. I know JS wont just sit on it.

  6. Walter, I agree with you. DeRosa is one of the biggest gamers on the team. One only has to look at his post season numbers this season to see that he won’t hurt the team.

  7. I agree completely Walter. We’re better off focusing our energy (and precious little moneys) on an OF and some arms.

  8. I was wondering if anyone knows how much the Braves have tied up in payroll so far for 2004? I was figuring that they have some where between 25 to 30 million to spend. Am I right or am I way off???

  9. From what I gather it’s less than that. Everything I’ve heard suggests their budget will be cut by $30 million from last year. So figure out how much they saved lsoing all the free agents and see what’s left.

  10. Below you’ll see a projected roster with either fixed payroll numbers or projected salaries. Per MLB’s order to the Braves, I’ve listed Hampton’s pro-rated salary, not the 2M the Braves are actually paying this year. I realize a guy like Cunnane might not be on the team, but figure whoever’s in that slot will be making about that salary (Furcal’s listed salary is an arbitration guess – he made $2.2M this year). We still need 4-6 more players for next year’s team, primarily hitters (my kingdom for a good, cheap RF). The number that follows the player’s name is their 2004-season age.

    Johnny Estrada 28 C $350,000
    Adam LaRoche 24 1B $350,000
    Marcus Giles 26 2B $600,000
    Rafael Furcal 26 SS $3,500,000
    Chipper Jones 32 LF $14,000,000
    Andruw Jones 27 CF $12,000,000
    Mark DeRosa 29 UT $400,000
    Gary Matthew 29 OF $750,000
    Julio Franco 45 1B $750,000
    Hitter Totals $32,700,000

    Paul Byrd 33 SP $7,000,000
    Mike Hampton 31 SP $9,083,333
    Jason Marquis 25 P $500,000
    Russ Ortiz 30 SP $5,700,000
    Horacio Ramirez 24 P $450,000
    Trey Hodges 26 P $450,000
    John Smoltz 37 CL $11,000,000
    John Thomson 30 SP $1,750,000
    Will Cunnane 30 P $500,000
    Ray King 30 RP $1,000,000
    Jaret Wright 28 P $850,000
    Jung Bong 23 P $450,000
    Pitching Total $38,733,333
    Total $71,433,333

    I know many of you will quibble with some of these names and numbers but I wanted to help frame this discussion since I keep reading that we have $20M-$40M to work with and those numbers seem really high to me unless they’re just lying about lowering payroll (always a possibility).

  11. mlb radio is reporting the King/Marquis for Drew move is done. Sign Rhodes, and we haven’t had such a bad winter after all.

  12. Ouch on losing Wainright. I don’t like that for a potential one-year-only player.

    Drew’s a nice addition, though, esp. if they can keep him healthy.

  13. i concur with Mac. i’ve got Drew/Marrero pencilled into my lineup for 2004, because the latter is going to have to play at least 60 games.

  14. At least they got his injury replacement in the same deal. I wonder if they could have gotten Drew without Marrero?

  15. Are we sure it will be Marrero over Matthews as the 4th outfielder? Defense is probably comparable, but Matthews has a career OBP of .324 versus Marrero’s .295 and their power is about the same too. Add in the fact that Marrero will get Johnny Estrada’s off days at catcher (probably 30-35 starts), and I would expect to see Matthews play more outfield than Marrero.

    However both are very solid bench players.

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