They came up | Braves | Report: Sheffield picks Yankees

The deal is apparently for three years — not the two the Yankees were offering — and for $38 to $40 million — a lot more per year than the $11 million or so reported last week. Well, we’ll get a draft pick.

Supposedly, the Braves are interested in Mike Cameron, Reggie Sanders, and Kenny Lofton. I don’t believe that for a minute. Cameron, maybe… But if you don’t play him in center field, he loses a lot of his value, and the Braves don’t really need a center fielder. Though he’d be one heck of a right fielder on defense. Cameron’s perceived value is down because he was killed by Safeco Field. Over the last three years, he’s hit .224/.324/.385 at home, but .278/.364/.510 on the road. (The split wasn’t so dramatic last year when he did hit for power at home, but it’s still killing his batting average.)

Lofton is widely loathed by Braves fans and burned a lot of bridges on his way out of town. Also, he has no arm — so either he’s in right and everyone will go from first to third on a single to right, or Chipper is there and everyone will score from first on singles that he misplays — and an enormous ego that won’t allow him to shift from center even though he couldn’t carry Andruw’s glove with a forklift. Sanders wasn’t nearly as unpopular and doesn’t have an unrestained ego, but he was so terrible in Atlanta that I don’t think the team would bring him back.

6 thoughts on “They came up”

  1. I don’t think Vlad’s that much of a possibility, but then I can’t name the real players for him.

    I know it’s emotion over reason, but i absolutely cannot stand either of Lofton or Sanders.

    BUT, I’d take either of them over *shudder* Raul Monddesi. That’s the name that most scares me.

  2. Do we get a draft pick? I thought those were eliminated with the new labor agreement last year.

  3. We get a draft pick. I’m with you colin, I would despise getting Lofton. I hope Schuerholz is better than that. Does anyone think Cameron is a real possibility? I don’t know how much he makes, but him and Andruw in the same outfield would make our pitching staff mighty happy!

  4. With Gary Sheffield going to NY. The Braves need to spend the money to get Vlad. The Jones boys can’t carry the offense!

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