National Baseball Hall of Fame – Hall of Fame Election Results for 2003

Eddie Murray and Gary Carter (at last) were elected to the Hall of Fame today.

Ex-Brave Bruce Sutter — whom we’re still paying, I believe — was the top votegetter among those not gaining entry with 53.63 percent. (75 percent is needed for election.) Dale Murphy finished a disappointing sixteenth with 11.69 percent. Dale had received 14.83 percent last year — going backwards when there’s no new outfielder to take votes away is a bad sign. It appears that Andre Dawson is taking much of Dale’s support.

Brett Butler received only two votes and will drop off the ballot. Mark Davis, who pitched briefly for the Braves — or at least wore a uniform — received only one vote.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations”

  1. Mark Davis as a Brave:
    16 2/3 IP, 22 hits allowed, 13 walks, 3 homers, 7.02 ERA.

    And talk about riding a reputation, his record after his 1989 Cy Young: 1990, 5.11 ERA in Kansas City; 1991, 4.45 ERA for KC (93 ERA+); 1992, 7.18 ERA for KC, 7.02 for ATL; 1993, 5.17 for Philly, 3.52 for San Diego; 1994, 8.82 for San Diego; out for 1995 and 1996; 5.51 for Milwaukee in 1997.

  2. Does anyone have a mailing address or phone number for Mark Davis? We are having a class reunion this year and want to contact him about attending.

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