Uh… wow

Ortiz loads the bases on two weak singles and a walk… and then strikes out the next two and gets a popup from Wood. I feel like simultaneously jumping up and down and throwing up.

6 thoughts on “Uh… wow”

  1. I hear ya, Mac. He made a great pitch to Bako to strike him out, and no one ever accused Alex Gonzalez of being a good hitter.

  2. I’ll refrain from making any comments about who should have started this game. That just wouldn’t be my style…

  3. Sometimes you just run into a buzz saw. This bastard is lights out right now. You can’t ask for a shutout all the time – we have to get hits too.

  4. In some respects…the fans in Atlanta don’t deserve this team. The Cubs fans practically ambushed the stadium. Next year, after we lose Lopez, Maddux and Sheffield and finish 12 1/2 games behind the Expos…maybe the fans will START showing up. I was very nervous about this series before it started, and now those reservations are coming to fruition. In a short series, GAME 2 becomes a must win (especially since the team’s at home). This is just awful…


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