Hernandez, Julio Franco activated; rosters expand

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Why, why, why? If Roberto Hernandez pitches in any game that’s in doubt — or if he, God forbid, makes the postseason roster — we really should burn down the stadium because the Braves will have demonstrated beyond a doubt that they have no interest in winning.

Mike Hessman and Horacio Ramirez are also back with the team — actually, Ramirez never left, but was on the Richmond roster. Ryan Langerhans is also expected to join the team today, but might be the last callup.

4 thoughts on “Hernandez, Julio Franco activated; rosters expand”

  1. So is Hessman still eligible for the postseason? Maybe he could continue his hot hand and spell Fick if the latter’s slump continues.

  2. Hessman would probably be Julio’s replacement if he can’t go. Otherwise, it’s unlikely, but the Braves could put him on the roster in place of a disabled pitcher.

  3. If I understand the roster rules correctly, other than the players already on the DL (Franco & Smoltz chiefly) we could only replace a pitcher with a pitcher and a position player with a position player. So Hessman could replace Hollins or Ramirez could replace Byrd.

  4. Right. I hadn’t noticed Hollins until recently. That might come in useful, but frankly I’d rather have a healthy Hollins than any of the likely options. Of course, I’m the only member of the Damon Hollins Fan Club.

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