Just an experiment. I’ll be live blogging about the game here. (I can’t actually watch because I’m at work, so I’ll have to keep up on the Net.) This would also be a good place to leave comments.

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Now 7-2 Mets, as I miss an inning because the ESPN guy needed to take a bathroom break or something. Cameron doubled home by Phillips. Andruw leads off the fourth for the Braves by grounding out to pitcher again. I’m this close to giving this up, by the way. Drew actually makes contact, grounding out to first. If Julio doesn’t reach, I really am calling this off. Who cares about a 7-2 game? I don’t. Julio flies out. Talk amongst yourselves. Recap later tonight, presumably. I’ll come back if anything interesting happens.

Cruz “hits” for himself and strikes out. Furcal, in a disturbing development, gets to 3-1 then flies out to right with the team down four runs. Think, Rafael, think. Marcus singles. But Chipper lines out on a 2-0 pitch. Glavine’s got a similar ratio to Ortiz — 46 pitches, 25 strikes — but the Braves keep swinging him out of difficulty.

Cruz gets Gutierrez to ground out to first. The line on the putative ace: 2 1/3 IP, 7 H, 6 R, 4 ER, 2 BB, 1 K, 2 HR, 54 pitches, 29 strikes. Pathetic.

Cruz gets Glavine to line out to shortstop. Mothra at the plate… Cruz walks him on a 3-2 pitch. 6-2, Mets, and they still have only one clean hit with a runner on base. This isn’t helping, guys.

Piazza homered, then our putative ace loaded the bases with a single, walk, and error to face Wigginton. And he walks. Ace pitchers do not walk Ty Wigginton with the bases loaded. 5-2 Mets, still only one out. In comes Juan Cruz.

Matsui doubled home Glavine to give the Mets the lead, then the Braves went 1-2-3 in the second. Yuck.

Jason Phillips doubles to “deep left center” leading off the second. I don’t think these pitchers are long for this game… Phillips somehow gets to third on a grounder to shortstop from the legendary Karim Garcia. (At least he isn’t Roger Cedeno, huh Mets fans?) But Ortiz gets Wiggington (aka DeRosa North) on a strikeout. Brings up Tommy… Who reaches on what’s called an infield single and throwing error from Wigginton South, scoring a run. Arrrrggghhhh. I can’t believe I miss Vinny.

Chipper walks… But Andruw hits into a DP. Not 6-4-3 this time, though, but 1-6-3. JD Drew’s first Braves PA results in a… strikeout. Bad omen, that.


Homer, 2-1 Braves. That for PECOTA.

Furcal takes Glavine 3-1, then singles. I expect he’s going to be running with Piazza catching… Those of you watching, did Glavine get booed again?

Ortiz gets out of the first without additional damage on fly balls from Floyd, Piazza, and Cameron. Oy vey. If Drew is healthy, he’s going to set some putout records this season.

Your Opening Day lineup appears to be the standard against lefties:

SS Furcal
2B Giles
LF Chipper
CF Andruw
RF Drew
1B Julio
C Estrada
3B DeRosa

Kaz Matsui leading off for the Mets. We really need a monster nickname for Matsui 2. Mothra? Gamera? And Ortiz, predictably, allows him to homer, then gives up a hit to Ricky Gutierrez. Yes, Ricky Gutierrez is still alive.