– MLB – Recap – Braves at Giants – 08/21/2003

The way I figure it, you can’t account for Barry Bonds. This isn’t just a once in a generation player, but a once in a lifetime player. So when he hits his second extra-inning homer to beat the Braves in three days, you just tip your cap and move on. Trey Hodges gave up this one. Bobby still won’t use Smoltz in a tie game, it seems. Smoltz hasn’t pitched in a week; why can’t he get some work even if it’s in a tie game?

Horacio Ramirez gave up three runs in seven innings. His control is still off, but he managed to at least be effectively wild in the later innings. Mercker struggled a bit in an inning but came out unscathed, and Will Cunnane had another solid inning of work and pretty soon we’ll have to take him seriously.

Jason Schmidt completely shut down the Braves for eight innings. But he’d thrown 105 pitches and has had some injuries, so Felipe Alou went to Tim Worrell, who gave up three runs in the ninth on two hits and two walks, plus an error, to tie the game. The Braves easily could have taken the lead, but Darren Bragg hit a rocket that Andres Galarraga caught on the fly for a DP.

Gary Sheffield’s hit streak came to an end in an admirable fashion. 0-4 entering the ninth, he came up with two on, nobody out, and Worrell having trouble throwing strikes. Instead of forcing it, Gary took four straight balls to load the bases, and later scored the tying run… Now on to Colorado. The Rockies are a .492 ballclub, but that’s not really true. They have a huge homefield advantage and are hopeless on the road. They come off of a sweep of the Marlins with a 44-19 home record. Like the Marlins, the Phillies lost, so the Braves still hold the huge lead in the division. Actually, nothing much has changed in the last ten days.