– MLB – Recap

So far, not so good. The Braves got the Cards to play the Braves’ game, but the Cards played it better, getting seven innings of one-run baseball from Woody Williams and two innings of perfect ball from the bullpen.

The Braves’ only run came on a seventh-inning solo shot by Chipper. The Braves only reached base four other times — two more hits and two walks — and nobody reached more than once. The Braves only got one runner into scoring position. You get the idea.

Paul Byrd pitched pretty well for six but tired in the seventh, allowing a two-out two-run homer to Larry Walker to give the Cards a 4-0 lead. If Bobby had lifted him a batter earlier, maybe they would have had a chance… Maybe.

Fortunately, the Phillies got slaughtered by the Giants, and the Braves maintain their lead… Ortiz versus Jason Marquis tomorrow. I’m hoping Jason has a severe case of nerves.