– MLB – Recap – Padres at Braves – 08/12/2003

Ugly. Personally, I don’t think much of the “swing at Maddux’s first pitch” philosophy, but it worked for the Padres, who got five runs in five innings off him. (He threw only 63 pitches but gave up 13 hits.) A run off Marquis, a run off Cunnane (who’s still here), and then seven runs in the ninth off of Boom-Boom. Release him already.

It was actually 5-4 when the bullpens got involved. As has happened too often, the Braves’ pen — see above — stunk up the joint, while the Braves’ hitters couldn’t do anything against the opposing relievers. Chipper had three hits, including his first homer in weeks, but the Braves got diddly from the last five spots in the order. Furcal, Giles, Sheffield, and Chipper were 7-14; nobody else got a hit.

This marks the Braves’ first three game losing streak since the first three games of the season… The Phillies lost and the Marlins won, and Florida is now in second place in the division and leading the wild card.