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I don’t know. The first really bad weather from the latest hurricane just hit the Atlanta area. There’s a flood warning through 5:30, a high-wind advisory through 5. I suppose conditions will be clear by gametime, but I can’t imagine the area will be in very good shape. And it’s not like this game matters very much. I haven’t seen an announcement, but I expect the game will be cancelled and not made up.

Georgia readers, stay safe, okay? And Florida readers, I hope you made it through okay.

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  1. I was down in Sebastian, FL helping my folks dig out from under Frances, when here comes Jeanne. So I stuck around to help them prepare for her. Saturday night, the storm was rolling in, and we unbelievably still had power through 9:30 pm, when it finally gave out under the stress of 40-50 mile per hour winds. BUT, we managed to get a complete Braves game in for what stood to be our last few minutes of power.

    I’d like to thank Mike Hampton and Carl Pavano for pitching so efficiently, as well as DeWayne Wise, who made sure the game didn’t go into extra innings.

    The storm was probably one of the scariest things I’ve been through in my life. Around 2am was the height, with winds up to 120 mph. The sounds it produced were unearthly. Our house held up perfectly, though, due to hurricane-strength construction. Many folks chose more cost-efficient construction, and now they are replacing roofs and walls and floors.

    Anyways, it was great to see the whole Braves game before Jeanne snapped our power off. Word is my folks will be lacking power for quite a while (I’m back in Georgia now.)

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