Stupid announcers

This Fox announcer (Joe Magrane, I think) is an idiot. So what’s new? Anyway, he’s saying that Gary Sheffield is the best righthanded hitter in the NL. Now, Gary’s great, but I think Albert Pujols might have something to say about that.

Oh, now Gary’s the best righthanded hitter in the majors. So he’s better than Rodriguez and Ramirez too?

5 thoughts on “Stupid announcers”

  1. Anybody see that flashback to 1982? Just a part of the wild history of the old NL West, and of the Dodgers/Giants rivalry. Anyone remember the ’82 pennant race?

  2. Mac,

    I heard that comment and thought:

    “Jeez, I always thought Pujols hit right-handed I guess I’m not paying attention?”

  3. The idiocy of the Fox announcer aside, Gary has had a strang and interesting career. Bobby is the type of manager he needs (remember the contact stuff that was a major story for about 12 hours before Bobby got everyone back to playing baseball?) But, in terms of career value as a right-handed hitter (i.e. A-Rod gets not extra credit for being a shortstop), Gary may be the best in the majors. Based on consistency I would think he’s ahead of Manny and Juan Gonzalez. A-Rod is still young. Am I missing someone?

  4. If you’re counting whole careers, you have to include Piazza. But the statement was that Sheffield is the best righthanded hitter; to me, that means right now, and Pujols is clearly better at this time.

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