Marcus Giles

The thing about Marcus is that he’s actually capable of better… And I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it for the remainder of the year. He’s putting up a .311/.380/.507 season, which is awfully good. Among second basemen, only Jose Vidro has been better.

But when Marcus gets comfortable, he might take a jump. Remember, he walked a lot in the minors, and hasn’t really shown that in the majors. And he’s hit a lot of doubles but relatively few home runs; he’s just missed a lot of the time. Turn ten outs into walks and five doubles into homers. Now he’s hitting .320/.396/.550, an OPS near .950. And frankly, that walk rate is still lower than his minor league rates were. Remember, Marcus is still pretty inexperienced at the major league level. He came into this season with only 457 career ML at-bats. On a per-game rate, he’s still early in his second season.