Baseball America – Richmond Braves Stats

It’s really not that hard to find people who can put up a sub-4 ERA pitching out of a major league bullpen. Unless you’re the 2003 Braves, that is. I’ve never seen anything this pathetic.

Look, there are a number of pitchers having decent years in Richmond. Why not give another shot to Joey Dawley, who has a 3.30 ERA and 17 saves, and has struck out 55 men in 43 2/3 innings? Or Jamie Emiliano, who has a 2.85 ERA? Or — heck — call up Jason Marquis again. He’s pitched well enough in Richmond. Buddy Hernandez, Andy Pratt… None of them’s having a great year, but they can’t be worse than Boom-Boom and the Rally Twins.

I understand that you don’t want to give up good prospects for the Dave Weatherses of the world, but you have internal options.