– MLB – Recap – Cubs at Braves – 07/22/2003

Another good start for Maddux, and the Braves continued to score lots of runs, and the middle relief continues to stink. Maddux went seven, allowing two runs (and probably should have gotten away with only one) and is above .500, 9-8. He only struck out two, but didn’t walk any and allowed just five hits.

All the Braves’ position players had hits, led by Marcus Giles with three, leading to three runs scored. Vinny hit a two-run homer in the second, and the Joneses each had a pair of hits. Pretty much par for the course lately. In the Battle of the Personal Catchers, PC Mk IV Henry “No O” Blanc went 1-3 with an intentional walk while PC Mk III Paul “No O Either” Bak was 1-4 with 2 RBI.

The Mets, amazingly, beat the Phillies again. Suddenly the Braves are 10 1/2 up in the division. With 63 games to go, if the Braves went 32-31 down the stretch, the Phillies would have to go 43-21 to tie. The Braves will probably do better than that… Two with the Marlins next. The Marlins have given the Braves as much trouble as anyone this year. Though the season series is tied at 5, Marlins wins include scores of 17-1, 12-5, 8-1, and 20-1. The Phillies travel to face the Cubs.