– MLB – Recap – Cubs at Braves – 07/21/2003

I hope you took the over… There’s something about Shane Reynolds, a miasma that every time he pitches settles on the bullpen. Maybe he’s just enough like a batting practice pitcher to get the other team in a groove. Anyway, he was responsible for six of the Cubs’ runs, but will certainly survive this as he has all his other shellackings. Trey Hodges, the top candidate — perhaps the only candidate — to take his spot, gave up four runs. Darren Holmes added two and Ray King three. The only pitcher to emerge unscathed was, of all people, Boom-Boom.

The key juncture of the game was the Braves’ fourth inning. They loaded the bases with nobody out and the 2-3-4 hitters up, but Giles struck out swinging at ball three, Sheffield popped up, and Chipper grounded out. The Braves led 5-4 at the time and could have poured it on; instead the Cubs came back the next inning and took over.

Javy had two homers, giving him three in the last two games, and seems back in a groove. After the fourth, the Braves offense more or less shut down, getting only one of those homers in the eighth… I really hate Shane Reynolds… The Mets actually beat the Phillies, who remain 9 1/2 out… Night game tonight, Maddux versus the Bishop.