– MLB – Recap – Mets at Braves – 07/19/2003

Even in another uniform, Tom Glavine still pitches the Braves to victories. He only got as far as one out in the fifth, allowing all seven of the Braves’ runs. Unlike his first visit, Tommy was heavily booed (not the more cheers than boos mix of last time), and maybe he’s just trying to get the Atlanta fans back on his side. I mean, it’s not like the Mets’ season is going anywhere.

Andruw was the hitting star, 2-3 with a homer and a walk, scoring twice. The Braves lept on top in the second with four runs, the big blow that most unlikely of events, a two-run triple from Darren Bragg, who amazingly hit eighth instead of ninth with Ortiz pitching. All the runs, and almost everything the Braves did, was off of Glavine, as the bullpen basically shut them down.

Marcus Giles was back in the lineup, but went 0-4. (He hit a couple of balls hard.) Sheffield was also 0-4, but everybody else was productive.

Russ Ortiz didn’t really have much today, but (1) the offense picked him up, and (2) he was facing the Mets. So even though he walked four and threw 101 pitches in only five innings, he was able to give up only three runs and get the win. If you’re going to give up walks, it might as well be to the Mets, who have less power than most AAA teams.

Trey Hodges had two more good innings, including striking out the side in the sixth, and Darren Holmes a shutout seventh. On came “setup man” Boom-Boom Bobby. On other teams, a setup man’s job is to hold a one or two run lead to get it to the closer. On the Braves, Boom-Boom comes in to whittle down a four or five run lead down to a save situation, as he did today. Smoltz got his 100th career save. If you’re interested, he’s third on the team’s all-time list already, and 12 behind Wohlers for second. With Boom-Boom’s help, he’s got a good shot at beating that this year. His 35 saves this season already is the fourth-most, and just four behind Wohlers’ pre-Smoltz team record.

Day game tomorrow as the Braves go for another sweep. The lead is temporarily ten games, awaiting tonight’s Phillies/Expos game.