Pitch counts

The Braves are leading 1-0, having stranded three baserunners in the first two innings. I’m still optimistic. Thomson’s thrown only 35 pitches through three innings, which is good to okay, but not atypical, and he’s had starts where he’s started like this then fell apart. But Davis, in only two innings, has thrown 58. That’s usually a good indicator that a pitcher’s about to get slaughtered. I hope so.

2 thoughts on “Pitch counts”

  1. espn is now reporting that millwood will miss between six to eight weeks and could be out all year (not that six to eight weeks isn’t all year, this time of year). woohoo.

  2. I can’t tell if Millwood will regret not taking the three years/$30m from Philly, or if he’llbe glad to be able to get out of there after this year. But his free agent value has surely plummeted.

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