– MLB – Recap – Braves at Marlins – 06/30/2003

Just what we need, Greg Maddux doing a Shane Reynolds impersonation. Actually, it was a little different — no walks, but two homers allowed — but the results were the same. Four innings, six hits, seven runs. Five relievers mostly pitched well again, but the Braves had no offense after a first-inning run.

Marcus Giles had two of the Braves’ five hits, and I think his slump is over. But the outfield, still the engine that drives the team, was hitless, and of course Javy had the day off with the Personal Catcher contributing his usual 0-3.

Gryboski threw three pitches in the fifth before leaving with muscle spasms. That sounds like an injury that’s going to reoccur but won’t put him on the DL, bringing to mind the horrible thought of an ineffective Kevin Gryboski.

Does it ever seem to you that the Braves are particularly vulnerable to these fast, get-it-in-play singles hitters? Juan Pierre hurt Maddux today, Jimmy Rollins gave them fits in the Philly series, and so forth. Maybe it’s my imagination.

The Phillies have rallied to take a lead from the Cubs, and might be 5 1/2 out after tonight. At least the Expos lost.