What happened to Hampton?

I can’t watch or listen to the game here. I keep an eye on Game Update, and they say he’s been relieved in the second inning of a 1-1 game. I assume he got hurt?

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  1. He left with a groin injury. Obviously, he has not fully recovered from that preseason aggravation of an old injury.

  2. The ESPN broadcaster working the game just confirmed “strained groin, day-to-day.” It looks like Trey Hodges is free, unless Bobby elects to call up Marquis (assuming Hampton goes on the DL, which he probably will given precedent set by Remlinger last year and Hampton earlier this year). By the way, Marquis is 5-2, 3.52 at Richmond.

  3. Yes, this looks like it could be Hodges’ break. He is rocking through the fifth.

  4. Of course, Bobby has been using Hodges in higher-leverage situations lately; I wonder who can replace him in the bullpen if he goes to the location.

  5. You’re right Mac. It’s possible Bong goes to the rotation, given that Hampton’s absence would leave just one lefty (Ramirez) among the Braves’ starters.

    I know teams like to keep two lefties in the pen, but it’s not like they’re using Bong as a situational guy, anyway. He’s currently just a long reliever/mopup man.

  6. I realize what I just wrote sounds dumb given that Bong pitched 1 1/3 innings and got the win today, but if Hampton hadn’t gotten hurt in the second and forced Atlanta to use four relievers before the seventh inning, Bong probably doesn’t get into that game.

  7. If Bong did start, don’t forget about Bobby Jones in AAA. His ERA is down to like 0.84. He could take a bullpen slot. And whats with the harp on Roberto, he still has it, everyone has a slump, so his involves more than two or three outings.

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