– MLB – Recap – Braves at Marlins – 04/11/2003

Horacio Ramirez simply didn’t have it, giving up four in the third and three in the fourth. Why you let a pitcher stay out there to give up seven runs with all of these relievers is beyond me, but Bobby did the same thing with Maddux. He wound up using two relievers, who pitched perfect ball for three innings. If he’d gone to the pen earlier, the Braves might have made a game of it.

Chipper homered; there goes that statistic. The Braves are still 4-0 when Andruw homers. Every Brave regular had a hit except Vinny again; I hope this is the last we’ll hear of how Vinny is carrying the team offensively. Marcus Giles had two hits and two RBI. Marcus is hitting .367 and his OBP is .486, so he has to hit eighth and occasionally be benched for the good of the team.

Shane Reynolds was activated and Joey Dawley sent down. I don’t expect we’ll see Dawley, who was distinctly unimpressive, again. It’s nice he got a trip to the show, anyway. Reynolds is scheduled to start Tuesday in “Montreal” — actually an Expos home game in Puerto Rico.