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I’m rooting for the guy. As mentioned in the “other possibilities” entry, he’s 31 and has been bouncing around the minors for ten years. He’s got a shot at a bullpen role or even the fifth starter’s spot. If I were making the decisions — and thank God I’m not — I’d be tempted to make him a fifth starter/reliever. I figure at age 31 he doesn’t need the development time some of the kids do… Other back of the staff possibilities are Marquis, Horacio Ramirez, Andy Pratt, Trey Hodges. More on the last three if they seem likely to make the team.

Roster cuts are announced tomorrow. I don’t have a good grip on what will happen yet, but they’re going to have to thin out the pitchers — including some guys who have been pitching well… Rafael Furcal is still out, but Marcus Giles managed to play yesterday, wearing a brace. He may have something structurally wrong with the ankle, but he’s going to try to play through it. I understand why, but it’s never going to heal if he keeps pushing it.