Braves acquire outfielder Matt Diaz from Kansas City

Diaz (actually, a catcher/first baseman/outfielder, though he’s played exclusively corner outfield in the majors) has some impressive minor league numbers. However, those stats werre mostly compiled from the ages of 25-27, and I’m suspicious of players who only start hitting when they’re old for the level. Moreover, his walk numbers are pretty bad; though he’s had some impressive on-base percentages, those are driven by high batting averages, and I’m also suspicious of guys who rely upon batting average for their value.

Still, he’s a righthanded hitter who’s been productive in the high minors. I wouldn’t be opposed to him as a platoon first baseman and pinch-hitter. But I’m also suspicious of Schuerholz’s trades with the Royals, which have had a tendency to be the only good trades the Royals make, like he’s doing them a favor.

Ricardo Rodriguez, the player the Braves gave up, isn’t anything as far as I can judge, just a 24 year old reliever who has a chance to be 25 this April. A converted infielder, so I guess there’s room for improvement, but he put up a 5.34 ERA and a 1.50 WHIP in Myrtle Beach last year. As a rule, if you can’t pitch in Myrtle Beach you just can’t pitch. His strikeout numbers are pretty good.

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