Hi, this is the first post to the “new” Braves Journal. Things look pretty different right now, but eventually I’ll get it looking more like what I’m used to. The biggest change is that working with the Blogger protocol (or, eventually, Moveable Type) I will be able to post more regularly, and will have access even if I’m away from my computer, as long as there’s an internet connection nearby.

The big story is that Greg Maddux was shelled last night, giving up ten runs, six of them earned, to the Arizona Diamondbacks. He also, most atypically, threw more balls than strikes. To be fair to Greg, he’s never been very successful against the D-Backs, and he actually pitched well for four innings before collapsing in the fifth. But obviously, he’s not 100 percent healthy. Just as obviously, the Braves need a healthy Greg Maddux.

The Braves wound up losing two of three from Arizona, and could have been swept but for a late rally in the middle game. In this case, the Braves’ offense was so-so, better than it’s been, but the pitching wasn’t there except for Damian Moss. Poor Damian still can’t buy a win, but he’s keeping the Braves in every game he pitches. Andruw Jones — whose head a lot of people wanted on a platter a few days ago — has emerged as the team’s best hitter and primary power source. He’s now leading the team in most hitting categories except batting average and on-base percentage.

Meanwhile, Gary Sheffield is on the shelf with his injury, and Odalis Perez — traded for him — was one play away from a perfect game for the Dodgers today. Oh, well.