Here’s something interesting… The Braves have turned the most double plays in the National League, by a pretty wide margin — nine more than the second-place Giants. This is interesting in part because the Braves haven’t had a lot of baserunners against them; their OBP allowed is tied for third in the league. And while the staff is ground-ball oriented, it’s not excessively so. Good pitching teams — and the Braves are excellent — don’t generally turn a lot of double plays, because the opportunities aren’t there.

One reason for the high GIDP rate is that the Braves don’t get a lot of strikeouts, meaning the ball is in play a lot. But also, credit has to go to the infielders, even Keith Lockhart. It’s particular impressive because the Braves’ infield has been so unsettled; really, only Rafael Furcal has been a constant.