– MLB – Recap – Brewers at Braves – 07/30/2002

The Braves (finally out of the godawful bowling shirt throwback jerseys) won, in a game that was kind of a reversal of pattern. They fell behind early in the game, 1-0 — rather than jumping to an early lead. But the Brewers couldn’t add to the lead, and the Braves came back to score three runs in the sixth — when in most games the Braves’ offense has usually taken the rest of the night off. Damian Moss allowed only two hits, Remlinger pitched the eighth, and Smoltz got the save to tie Mark Wohlers’ team record. Smoltz did allow a walk and a couple of hits, but the hits weren’t really hit very hard.

Vinny Castilla was 0-4, the only Brave starter to not reach base. I mention this because I plan to harp on all of his failings from now on. He’s hitting only .235 now, lowest mark in the lineup except the Immortal Lockhart, and hasn’t hit a home run since early June. And Bobby refuses to put him on the bench. It’s extremely frustrating. There’s no amount of defense to make up for his offensive failings.

Julio Franco got the start at first base against a righty, former Braves prospect Ruben Quevedo. Mark DeRosa also started at second base. I have no idea why Bobby did this, but it seems like a pretty good idea to me. Julio had three hits and scored a run.