Site notes on an off day

I want to allow myself a certain amount of sillyness here, so bear with me. Skip over this post if you don’t want to deal with it.

I don’t really have any general Braves stuff to talk about, so a couple of notes on the site. One is that about two hours ago I got a hit from someone searching for spooneybarger+gay. I’m just noting it, without any comment.

Second, I used Babelfish to translate yesterday’s recap into German, then back into English. This is what I got:

Sunday, July 28, 2002 informing 3:40 P.M. by Mac Thomason – MLB – recapitulation – Phillies with good – 07/28/2002 Sigh. Straight one those plays. That good lost 7-1. They fell behind 2-1 early and had a ton of probabilities to bind or take the line in the middle Innings, but could not success simple keep. Then fatigued Tom Glavine and quite soon was it 5-1, and the strip good ‘ the not Schlussen row came to an end. Gary Sheffield could reach the lower surface not and terminated its strip. If it had reached in any of its first two attempts, could that have taken good a line, and then knows who, what happens? Oh well cannot win you it all. Glavine did something boneheaded atypically, and reminding of somewhat David cone happened against that good back in the eighties. After it had more baserunner missed at first a change on, it regarded the Umpire, which permitted a runner to count from second on an individual belly completely. Stupid baseball really however it did not lose the play. Good one day away, then three with the brauern have that. They do not see the department again for one month. If it still constitutes, the Mets is 12 1/2-plays, out after he, to which today collected to strike red tones.

“Collected to strike red tones”? This means something!