– MLB – Recap – Marlins at Braves – 07/17/2002

Now, this is more like it. The Braves beat up on the Marlins, scoring ten runs, while three pitchers combined on a shutout. Greg Maddux was strong (and apparently didn’t hurt his leg, for once), Kevin Gryboski pitched the eighth for some reason, and Albie Lopez returned to his role as the guy who pitches the ninth with an enormous lead.

Offensively, the Braves had sixteen hits, and every starter reached base, all but Lockhart with at least one hit. Gary Sheffield (surprise!) was the star, with three hits, one a double, a walk, two RBI and two runs scored. They’ve decided now that his games on base streak isn’t the team record, but right now I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him get it anyway. He’s up to .290 for the season. Matt Franco also had three hits and a walk, and is up to .390. He still got hit for in the seventh with a lefty pitching.

Mark DeRosa was activated from the DL, and later hit for Lockhart, staying in the game at second base. He’s probably going to platoon there, taking over from Jesse Garcia. Garcia was designated for assignment. I’d be greatly surprised if he didn’t wind up in Richmond, but someone could go nuts and claim him, or he could decide to become a free agent.

Day game tomorrow, then the Braves hit the road again, to Philly in this case. It’s a stupid schedule; I blame interleague play… The Mets are leading the Expos by four runs going to the ninth. If that holds up, New York will tie Montreal for second, 11 1/2 out. I’m sure we’re about to see a bunch of stories about the Mets making a run. The media haven’t been able to admit that the Mets’ season was pretty much over a month ago, and keep talking about “crucial stretches” for them, then forget it when they continue playing .500 baseball.