4/30/98: If you missed it, the Red Sox sent Steve Avery to AAA Pawtucket to make room for a young pitcher, Robinson Checo. Steve’s been really bad as a Sock, even worse than in his last Atlanta year. I was never as high on him as some people were, but I’m shocked to see how far he’s declined. According to Peter Gammons, one of Avery’s teammates says that if Steve were to punch you, it wouldn’t hurt, he’s lost so much arm speed. Meanwhile, rumors are floating around about the Angels trading an outfielder, probably either Jim Edmonds or Garret Anderson, for pitching. I bring this up because though the Braves don’t actually have an excess of pitching, they could afford to deal if they really needed an outfielder. Also, the Mets might be interested, and they definitely do need outfield help. Anderson’s as bad as you can be and still hit .300 with 10-15 HR — he really doesn’t do anything BUT that, no defense, no walks, no doubles — and Edmonds is injury prone, though he really is a good player.