#36: Ender Inciarte

This will serve as sort of a player preview for 2019 as well, but Ender also has found him amongst the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves.

Ender wasn’t exactly the headliner of the trade from our side — that distinction belonged to Dansby Swanson, the #1 pick in the draft the previous year — but Ender would prove to be the best piece we got back going in 2019. Aaron Blair ended up doing nothing in a Braves uniform, and Dansby has struggled to find his swing, though he has been stellar defensively.

Ender has been what people at least hoped Dansby would be: average offensively, significantly above average defensively, and a little bit of speed mixed in. And while that may not seem like much, that has made Ender one of the top 10 or so centerfielders in the game. For his Atlanta career, he’s hit .287/.342/.391 with a little bit of pop (8 HRs, 26 2Bs on average), and some aforementioned speed (6 3Bs, 22 SBs, though 10 CS on average). His glaring offensive weakness for his career is his non-existent power against lefties (.337 career SLG). 

But it’s been his defense that has made him one of the greatest Braves and something the Braves will count on 2019. Since his first full season, Ender has ranked 9th amongst all defenders in defensive runs saved, and 8th last year. He’s amongst the yearly league leaders in outfield fielding percentage, arm rating, and UZR. He anchors the defense for a team that has become one of the best defenses in the league. He also passes the eye test with huge plays like this:

If he can develop a little bit of power against lefties, he could be a pretty special player. But he’s not overly toolsy and he’s now 28, so he may also not have that many good years left in him. But for now, he’s doing just fine. 

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  1. I think Flexibility is going to be a huge pickup in the rotation.


    And to think it’s Neck and McCann, our least flexible players, who enabled us to pick up Flexibility.

  2. I’m a fan of Ender, and I think the Braves are right to stick with him through his prime.

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  4. @2 Ditto.

    The way he handled everything last season after the Braves brought in Duvall really spoke volumes about his character, too. The dude just seems like a great team guy.

  5. By the way, if Folty and Gaus can’t go on Opening Day, who would y’all give the ball to?

  6. @5 I don’t consider the Opening Day starter to be this ceremonially important thing, so just give the ball to Teheran and win the game. I don’t care. Or Matt Wisler.

  7. Florimon has been in the lineup pretty much every day since games started. It seems they’re giving him a legitimate shot.

  8. @6 Well, it’d be hard to give the ball to Matt Wisler, because he’s in Cincinnati. ;)

  9. Of course I know he’s in Cincy! But I’m pretty sure he could be had for an autographed picture of Adam R. right now.

  10. @2

    I’m very much for Ender too. Power against lefties is inconsequential measured against his fabulous routes. He was a huge bargain in that deal and remains so despite the stick he picks up here.

    Acuna at center would be a real downgrade defensively for at least a year.. He’d likely hit one or two of those lefties though.

    Rob…what happened to the red hair? Your movie debut had none to show and yet I seem to remember a family pic you posted back a while where it was manifest.

    Thank you again for the extraordinary efforts you have been putting in to think up new threads and then fill them so well. I know you had asked specifically for a few of us to write three or four new threads while we still had quiet periods to fill, to very little response- Rusty the other day was an example.

    Here’s my problem. Your stuff is so detailed and numerical and intrinsically creative – you often make up your own criteria – that the sort of things I would lead with would properly earn ridicule.

    For example. We must get to the bottom of this red hair business – faux or au naturel?
    And is it scientifically accurate to claim Soroka’s close association with the African Ostrich – should we mount an off-season safari c/with traveling expert. And Liberty’s secret banking relationships – are they in fact in bed with that awful Wells Fargo mob all of whom should now be in Jail?

    We need Opening Day to hurry. Then every game affords a multitude of thread opportunities and ideas. Your hard work has been invaluable in the interim, thanks again.

  11. Flowers and Alex Jackson hit a home run today. Adam Duvall hit 2.

    By the way, I do feel like it’s important to note that, I believe, Camargo has started twice at first base. I know he started there yesterday. So maybe that’s at a position we’ll see him in the lineup more. It’s easy to think that Camargo/Donaldson will get all the DH ABs, but maybe they want Freeman getting some of them as well. They’re also giving Contreras and Jackson a lot of DH ABs, which probably says something about what they think of them.

    Kyle Muller is built like a tank. That has got to be one of the most physically impressive pitchers I can remember seeing. If he can stay healthy, he’ll be a workhorse. A true Texan.

    Spoke to Corbin Clouse’s girlfriend. She had really nice things to say about the majority of the pitching prospects, except one, who she pretty much buried. I think if you think about it long enough, you can guess which one.

    blazon, I’ve actually never had red hair. I’m not the type to color my hair, so this is what I’ve rolled with since the womb.

  12. I’d rather have Rick Mahler start opening day than Matt Wisler. And he’s not with us anymore.

    Other than Aaron Blair, who is my most hated Brave of the last few years, Wisler would be up there.

    @17 Does it rhyme with Ballard?

  13. Rob…what happened to the red hair? Your movie debut had none to show and yet I seem to remember a family pic you posted back a while where it was manifest.

    Rob’s conveniently side-stepping the time he dyed his hair orange to match the jorts.

    (C’mon guys, season’s almost here. blazon’s laying down a perfect bunt.)

  14. 2 HR’s from Duvall today. I realize one may have been wind-aided, but still. There may be hope.

    Florimon is Flaherty 2.0 if he is a decent fielder. He may give us a month or so and then he’ll turn back into the pumpkin he is.

    AJax is still looking pretty good this spring. Newcomb, too. If Folty and Gaus not available, why not Newk? Newk may be the leader in the clubhouse right now.

  15. I knew when I saw his IG pictures before he was drafted that he’d never amount to anything.

  16. That’s a little extreme. But I hope that if that is a part of his issues, some struggling at the major league level will take him down a peg or two and cause him to make some adjustments. It’s definitely concerning.

  17. Duvall’s performance would be something I’d be willing to actually take seriously if he continues this all spring. He had a bad year last year, he’s demonstrated he’s talented, so coming out hot in the spring to win a roster spot is more logical than someone who’s not very talented like Florimon having a good week. Florimon is Danny Santana without a .405 BABIP in his first season.

    Plus, Duvall destroyed lefties in 2017. .924 OPS in 159 PAs. Just getting remotely close to that is perfectly fine for this roster.

  18. I was going to make a remark about the slugger Andre’s Blanco winning the game for us with a walk off homer. However, I checked his stats and I would have gladly taken him over Culberson at the start of last year. I know Blanco is 5 years older, but he’s not bad to have in the minors. Charlie could easily regress to his career norms. Even after last years diverging seasons Blanco has a slight edge offensively for his career. I’m a huge Dansby 2 fan, but he’s by no means a sure thing for 2019.

  19. Despite Bowman’s attempt at damage control, I don’t like the sound of that reaction.

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