Author: W.C.G.

Evan Gattis

I’m on a long-running group text thread with about 12 of my friends, and one schtick I’ve been on for the past two summers is to post “EVAN GATTIS” in all caps whenever I’m watching or listening to a Braves game and El...

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On Collapses

They say nothing is as boring as listening to someone else’s fantasy sports story, and usually they’re right, but sometimes that fantasy sports story is instructive of a larger point, and that’s what I’m...

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Braves 7, Nationals 6

Sometimes it’s better if you just watch the good parts. Walk into the stadium, stand in line for a burger, look out toward the field just as that particular combination of boom and anticipatory crowd-noise and people...

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Braves 11, Cubs 6

So in the top of the second, Chris Johnson hit his first of two home runs to tie the game at 2-2, and some Cubs fan did the most Cubs fan thing ever. Dude caught the ball near the top of the left-field bleachers, wheeled around,...

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Cardinals 7, Braves 1

This offense. Oh man, this offense. Is there anything more 2014 Braves than the bottom of the sixth inning tonight? Freddie Freeman started the inning with a double, but the immediate chatter around the ballpark was “how...

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