The rosters for the Arizona Fall League have been announced and the Braves are sending 8 players to get some reps in against some of the best from the minors. Those players:

  1. Dylan Dodd
  2. Darius Vines
  3. Patrick Halligan
  4. Jake McSteen
  5. Brooks Wilson
  6. Tyler Tolve
  7. David McCabe
  8. Keshawn Ogans

Breakdown: Dodd was up and down quite a bit this year and even had some minor ailments. It’s wild to me that he finished the year with only 78 innings. He needs some extra reps, but there could also be a role change for Dodd as the Braves experimented with him in the relief role in Gwinnett’s last month of ball.

Darius Vines is in the same predicament as Dodd and that is he needs some innings. However, I think the Braves are just fine with Vines role at the moment and will leave him be in a starting role.

Patrick Halligan was previously with the Royals org but came over to the Braves this year. He’s 23, so he’s really old for the AFL, but he’s got some impressive K/BB rates despite having a pretty putrid ERA. However, the overall ERA does not tell the story. He was mostly a starter this year, but was transferred to a pen role where he really showed out.

Jake McSteen has been with the Braves since 2021 and he’s way too old to be in the AFL, yet here he is. Like Halligan, he’s carried some strong K/BB rates, but just gives up too much hard contact.

Brooks Wilson once belonged to the Braves 40-man roster, but serious injuries derailed his career. He only pitching 13.1 innings this year, but they were solid innings and I’m sure the Braves brass wants to see more. Of all the players on the list, he’s the guy I’m looking forward to seeing in the AFL.

Tyler Tolve was a 17th round pick in the 2021 draft and showed some promise with the bat, but Mississippi proved to be too much for him in 2023. Like McSteen, I’m not really sure why he’s here unless the Braves just want to get him in some games.

David McCabe, who just so happens to be a 3B SH can absolutely smash. He’s also quite patient, but he strikes out quite a bit, too. He was the 4th round pick in ’22 and at 23 y/o, he needs to see some higher end talent.

Keshawn Ogans is a solid player that profiles as a defense first utility infielder that won’t completely kill a team with his bat. He’s 22 and likely becomes a MiLB lifer with potential to become a MLB fringe player.

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