We are now about a month into the MILB season and still in small sample territory, but also at a point of the season where everyday players have accrued around 100 PAs, regulars in the rotation have seen 4-5 starts, and top relievers have pitched in 8-10 games. In today’s piece, we will look at the top performers for each of the Braves Minor League affiliates in both position players and pitchers.

Gwinnett Stripers Players of the Month

Starting Pitchers

Breakdown: Winans is now 27 years old and has been in the Minors since 2018. He was strictly a reliever in the Mets org, but the Braves made him into a starter. He’s in the “break glass in case of emergency” category.

Putting up strong numbers at AAA as a SP is becoming quite a challenge as it seems like every Quad-A player in the world can absolutely smash these days.

Relief Pitchers

Breakdown: If the Braves want to continue testing out relievers, they have at least 3 guys that they could give a shot. And while I can’t choose which one I’d like to see the most, both Rios and Holmes look absolutely dominant right now. If the Braves end up allowing Dylan Lee to get stretched out (which I think is a very real possibility), I’d like to see Rios, whose under the radar signing intrigued me, get the first shot considering he’s previously been in the bigs. Out of the 3 categories listed here, I feel the relief has the most potential for MLB impact.

Position Players

Breakdown: Outside of Vaughn Grissom, there’s a steady trend here: Replacement level veterans. While that’s what Triple-A has become for many organizations, it’s unfortunate that only 1 real prospect is here and the others are “break glass in case of emergency. Of this list of veterans, Nick Solak is the only one that feels like he could see significant MLB time, but AA might give him the Adam Duvall treatment and stick him in AAA for most of the year and call him up when a regular gets hurt.

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