I agree with Nick yesterday. If they’re not going to take playing the game seriously, I’ll be damned if I’m going to take recapping seriously. (I don’t think you can get any lazier than the illustrative picture above.) The 3D Chess version of the last two weeks is that the Braves want to face the Marlins in the playoffs for some reason and fear the Philles. It’s an idiotic position, but it’s a position. Me? I just like to watch entertaining baseball games.

The Game

Kyle Wright wriggled out of trouble in the first, but gave up the lead on a two run homer in the second, catapulting the Phillies over Ozzie Albies’ solo shot in the first. A solo shot from Bryce Harper made it 3-1. A leadoff homer from JT Realmuto in the 4th made it 4-1. Wright pitched well, ignoring the homers, which has a bit of the “Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?” feel. It does not appear that Kyle has much to offer the Braves in the playoffs – certainly not as a starter.

The Phillies weren’t done. Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber hit homers off Gulf Tonkin to make it 7-1.

A rally of sorts emerged for the Braves in the 6th, but Wheeler struck out The Mime with the bases loaded to end the threat.

After that, both teams executed plays which conformed to the Rules of Baseball until the conclusion.

Statistical Oddity of the Game

Zachary Harrison Wheeler is one of the few players with the first and middle names which match the first and last names of two different US Presidents of the mid-19th Century. I’d make that precise, but like the Braves, I’m saving the good stuff for the playoffs.


Well, the quest to lead the NL in both most runs scored and fewest runs allowed is not well served by a 16-2 loss. Atlanta has no chance of giving up the fewest runs any more. (Well, I estimate it at around a 0.4% chance, and you can cue the Jim Carrey references, but I really didn’t like that movie all that much.)

That said, they are at an 87% probability of leading MLB in runs scored. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Enough of this crap, eh?