I was tempted to just recap the Falcons game in this space, as I watched 100 percent of it and none of the Braves game this afternoon. Plus, like, it was an exciting game that the right team won. I realize not everyone might appreciate that, though, so instead, I’ll put about as much into this Braves recap as the team put into this game…which is to say not much.

The Marlins completed a three-game sweep of the local nine with a 16-2 whitewashing on Sunday. Miami scored five runs in the third and four each in the sixth and seventh. And a few more in other innings, as well.

Charlie Morton did not have his best start, by any means. He allowed 12 baserunners over 4.2 innings, so that’s not great. That broke down as six hits, five walks and a hit batsman, and he allowed six runs over that stretch.

Obviously, the offense didn’t get much going either, unlike the first two games of the series where the offense did fine and it was the bullpen that was the real issue.

Had you asked me prior to this weekend, I’d have not been surprised at us dropping this series after we just clinched the division…what with the Marlins playing for their lives and the rest of our regular season having just been rendered largely irrelevant. Though this series was a mess of the highest order, I don’t find it relevant in any meaningful way. Obviously, you’d like the team to shake this off and get back to playing remotely palatable baseball during the season’s final couple weeks. They will host a Phillies team that re-separated themselves for the top NL wild card spot over the weekend. That will be a three-game set, followed by a four-game trip to Washington to close the road schedule.