They are the worst Cardinals team in essentially a generation. The Braves have been on a roll. We had Spencer Strider going. Somehow, the Braves lost and lost big. How could that happen? Hmm?

First, when the opposition scores 11, it is unlikely that the starting pitcher was effective. I mean it is POSSIBLE that the starter pitched 6 innings with only 2 runs and the bullpen dropped 9 in 3, but it is also possible that a bullfrog will not bump his ass when he jumps.

If you want to see an awful pitching box score you can go here.

I am not going to comment on it in detail.

Recounting all of the negatives will take half the day and I have to head toward Savannah by 3. Besides Strider, Dylan Lee also gave up 3, Darius Vines 1 (but at least in 2 innings), and Joe Jimenez 1. Add that to Strider’s 6 and that comes to 11.

If the cost of getting Matt Olson‘s bat going is that we have to endure pitching failure at this level, then just strike out, Matt. I think historically, teams are around 90% winning when they score 6. But sometimes it is the other 10 %.

I know that isn’t much, but do any of you really want to read anything about this? I didn’t think so. And, I really don’t want to spend any more time writing about it.