Last night was a doozy…that I didn’t catch after the 6-1 lead, #DadLife. I knew when I woke that the game would be closer than 5, but I enjoyed watching the highlights knowing that the Braves won and the Dodgers almost came back, but didn’t. Max Fried takes on Julio Urias tonight and it’s advantage Braves right out the gate, but we all know baseball and anything can happen.

Transaction a Day AA

The 27th and 28th man on the roster, ladies and gentlemen. I hope Forrest Wall enjoys splinters. It’s good to have Dylan Lee back as he might be the most underrated player in the Braves pen. Sam Hilliard hasn’t really played much since going on the IL. For a few weeks, I thought it was a case of the phantom IL, but looks like it’s the real deal.

Braves Lineup

Happy Frieday, Y’all.