It’s September and the series of the year as MVP candidates face off against one another. Tonight’s pitching matchup features Spencer Strider and Lance Lynn. Game time is 10:10 EST.

Transaction a Day AA

Yours truly was browsing the Braves transactions page and I noticed that AA signed LHP Adam Kolarek to an MiLB deal. I then searched high and low and no one had mentioned it yet, so I took to Twitter/X:

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the cred…

Braves Lineup

Ozzie Albies gets a breather and Nicky Lopez gets the start.

This is not Braves-centered, but it’s something that really bothered me. The waiver system really sucks. There’s no reason why a team should be able to take 3 guys off of waivers. Between the Guardians and the Reds, they claimed all 5 of the players that had some value and that just rubs me wrong. Fair would be that the first team that claims players can claim all of them if they so choose, but should only be allowed 1 player of their choice, then said team moves to the back of the waiver line and everyone else moves forward. 2 teams claiming 5…just dumb.