The very platonic ideal of a Good Bryce Elder start. Not the best Bryce Elder start – that’s the complete game shutout he pitched against Natspos in September 2022, and it will likely remain that one for some time. Nevertheless, it was likely the most Bryce Elder start: he gave up just one single and three walks, and while he only recorded four strikeouts, he induced four double plays. (Folk Hero Nicky Lopez was in the middle of all four of them.)

Shutting down the present 2023 Yankee lineup is not a feat of Herculean strength, but given what our starting pitching was producing a week ago, it was a wonderful sight to see. It was the third team shutout in six games against the Mets and Yankees. And while the five runs scored on offense were the fewest since the 7-5 loss to Pittsburgh on Thursday, it’s still greater than the average runs scored by 25 of the teams in baseball: only the Cubs, Rays, Dodgers, Rangers, and Braves are averaging five runs a game.

Tonight, those runs came as simply as could be: a three-run homer in the first by Marcell Ozuna, and a two-run homer in the fourth by Ronald Acuña, both off of Luis Severino, who was an ace in 2017-18, when he was 23 and 24, but whose career was stalled by injury and whose horrible year has mirrored that of his ballclub. The Braves loaded the bases in the seventh and failed to score, and outside of those three innings, there was not much offense by either squad.

Time of game: two hours, 18 minutes. What a diff’rence a clock makes!