It is an ancient belief in the three Abrahamic religions, that the serpent would always be the enemy of mankind and was accursed among the animals. Ever since Randy Johnson tagged the Braves for a perfect game, I have felt the Diamondbacks deserved their accursed status.

I hoped for an Uncle Charlie Morton show, but we didn’t get that. He was fair, at best. Not a disaster (particularly with this team’s usual ability to score runs). Great first and fourth, and fifth. Bad second, third, and sixth.

Offense was mostly crap. Marcel Ozuna hit a solo shot in the second and the possibly suddenly awakening Austin Riley hit a solo shot in the seventh. Otherwise, not much there.

Today is an early game with Spencer Strider on the mound. Last iime out was not vintage Strider.

If you haven’t been watching, FanGraphs has its annual “trade value listings” up this week. I haven’t looked for today’s entry, but Braves will probably have at least 5 in the top 30. But, we still need a pitching push before the trade deadline. maybe 2 relievers or maybe 1 starter. With our depleted minor leagues it will be hard, but it is Wins time, baby.

Max Fried Update

I don’t want to be telling tales outside of school, but looks like Max Fried could be back in the rotation in about a week. Exciting times!

Braves Lineup