One way we estimate what will happen is to look back at what has happened. On the SAT math section, if asked “what is the likely number of wins the Braves will get before losing again,” the correct answer would be 9. Because, 8 in a row, loss, 9 in a row, loss, and win.

I was an avid observer from 1991 through 2005. Frequently we saw monumental runs. In 1991, the last half. In 1992, the middle half. In 1993 the last half. These were Extended streaks of .750 ball. Well, this team has now had an extended streak of over .800 ball. I never thought I would see something more impressive than reeling in the Giants in 1993. But that is what I am now seeing.

We had Michael Soroka back on the hill. He clearly isn’t back, but he may be able to gradually move forward and hold a rotation spot. With this lineup, if you just hold on, you have a chance.

Before the Spiders got to the plate, they were behind 4 to nothing. If the Spiders’ question was “how do you stop the Braves, Cal Quantrill was not the answer. Line out, single, single, single, single, ground out, double, ground out. No strike outs. No “easy passes “walks or HBP’s). Putting the ball in play and turning those into runs.

Meanwhile, the Knack’s dream wobbled all over the ballpark, but gave up no runs. When he left after 4 and 2/3rds, he had given up 3 walks, 5 hits, 2 HBP and no runs.

The real hero (hey, he got the WIN), was Michael Tonkin. Michael “No Incidents” Tonkin also known as “Gulf.” He finished 5 and then Snit let him go 3 more full innings. I guess he’s not available until Sunday. But he only gave up 1 hit, no walks, and got 3 strikeouts.

After inning 1, it was more of a typical Braves offense. There were 3 solo home runs and a mini rally in the 9th to get the final run.

Bottom of 9, Heller blew the “staff shutout”, but not having Iglesias, Jimenez, and Minter pitch was a positive. Particularly with the day off today.

Coming home for 3 games with the American League’s version of a juggernaut this weekend. And the Truist will rock. Yes, the Truist will rock. Rock on. Then, about 2/3rds of the team will get 4 days off while the other third gets to go to Seattle and back for the All Star Game. Excellence is underrated.