Liveblogging Isn’t Much Fun

When I agreed to recap games, I didn’t realize that I’d have to work. Watching a game, wrangling food and a spouse, and trying to type witty aperçus into a phone is really too much work. I got through it and I don’t think I embarrassed myself (YMMV) but I don’t think I’ll be doing it again.

Game 2

I got home after the top of the first inning of the second game, so I didn’t watch RAJ get hit on the shoulder by Tylor Megill live, but I heard it on the radio. It sounded painful, and didn’t look any less painful on replay. Apparently it’s just a bruised shoulder. That said, of Ronald Acuna Jr.s many, many virtues, stoicism is not one of them. I’ve learned not to take his many, many expressions of agony at face value.

Charlie Morton took the mound in the nightcap and put together a Charlie Morton performance: 6+ innings, 92 pitches and 4 runs allowed, although to be fair two of them were anti-Avilaned in a Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

Megill (whose ancestors, I assume, changed a “c” to an “e” at some point) pitched well after hitting RAJ to start the game, but finally had life catch up to him with a double to Chadwick Tromp, walks to Olson and Murphy and a bases-clearing double by Eddie Rosario, although the final run required replay, and Murphy was just about as safe as Sid Bream. (Bream said in an interview two Sundays ago that if replay had existed in 1992, the end of the game would have been really weird when instead of a big celebration there had been a twenty-five minute review. He’s right.)

It will come as a surprise to no one that the Braves bullpen as currently performing is ill-equipped to provide eight innings of flawless relief. Juggling semi-competent relievers effectively is what pays managerial salaries. Giving up tons of runs and winning 9-8 is a sign that you’re actually using your bullpen well – you don’t want to waste competence. By the second game, you’re using Tonkin in a critical situation because… well… the rules of baseball require that you put somebody in.

In any case, after the Braves took a lead in the top of the sixth, the pen gave the lead back. You have to depend on the rest of the team to get a run somewhere off of somebody. Or more… because Joe Jiménez was taken deep by Jeff McNeil in the 8th to make it 5-3.

But it was not to be. The Braves made a little noise, but fecklessly. The lesson to be learned: I guess I have to stick around for both ends of the doubleheader. Over half of doubleheaders are split: this was one of them.

Ozuna Watch

You’re down by two runs with two outs in the ninth and a runner on. You have a choice of using Chadwick Tromp or using Marcell Ozuna who you didn’t use all day. You let Tromp bat. (Note: you’d have lost the DH and made Murphy come back in behind the plate, but is that a serious problem?) Ozuna’s days are numbered, and they look like fairly small numbers.

Go Get ‘Em Tomorrow

Down to Miami. Fillet the Second-Place Fish.