It’s Braves vs. Marlins time! We are back to battling in the east in a 4-game set against the men from Miami. The Braves are 2-1 in NL East battles and I hope they’ll be 6-1 when this series concludes. The Marlins are 12-10 coming into the series and the Braves are 14-8. Here are the listed starting pitchers for each game:

Right now, I feel for the young Marlins prospect TBD, who is expected to start twice in 3 days. Who do they think he is? Satchel Paige?!

Tonight’s Marlins SP Edward Cabrera

Edward Cabrera has a FB that sits 96 and can reach triple digits. So…to answer the obvious, yes he strikes out a lot of hitters. However, what he also does is walk a lot of hitters. In only 17.2 innings this year, he has walked 16 batters. These types of pitchers, the “throwers”, are normally gobbled up and spit out like yesterday’s tobacco juice by the Braves and hopefully that will stay true tonight.

The Braves Lineup

While I have no sources on this matter, one has to wonder if this is just an off day for Vaughn Grissom or is it more than that. If you read the GWINNETT STRIPERS: BRAVES FARM, WEEK 2 TOP PERFORMERS piece, you’ll find how hot Braden Shewmake has gotten since his cold start, and we already knew that his glove is solid. I truly hope that’s not the case for Vaughn and they’re just allowing him a breather to see if he can get right.

Worth Noting…

While it’s likely nothing, Marcell Ozuna will reach 10 years of service time in 20 days and there are some whispers floating around that the Braves could release him at that point. Start praying, Braves Journalers. Here’s the tweet from Boggy.

It’s my dream that on 10 years and 1 day, Ozuna comes to BP with the team and this is what he sees from all his teammates.

Braves vs. Marlins. Let’s whip’em, boys.