And if California slides into the ocean
Like the mystics and statistics say it will,
I predict this hotel will be standing until I pay my bill.

Warren Zevon, Desperados Under the Eaves

I’ll add to that prediction that I will still be writing player reviews of Adam Duvall, even if it’s just his grandson’s Little League games (Adam III stands facing the infield on almost every pitch, a rare and useful skill.) You can see everything I’ve written previously about Adam here.

Duvall turned 34 in September on the disabled list after season-ending surgery on a torn tendon sheath in his left wrist in July. He put up a .213/.276/.401 line in 86 games, with 12 homers among his 287 at-bats. Given more than 15 weeks, he may have approached his career averages of .230/.289/.465.

Ryan wrote about Adam and the rest of outfield here. Although Duvall is notoriously streaky anyway, I find Ryan’s theory about being worn down from playing center field plausible.

A combination of being a good enough defensive corner outfielder to play a passable center field, and a home run a week has paid Adam’s bills for 9 seasons now. A season removed from 38 homers, leading the league in RBIs, and a Gold Glove, the big question for me is how well Adam will heal from the wrist injury at age 34, and recover from the missed at-bats.

Bet the statistics, root for the mystics.