I know it is not about me. It is about the Braves and “the Nation.” However, I was awfully glad I didn’t have Tuesday recaps. First, I was at work and barely checking GameCast. Second, I am tired of getting losses. Third, I was too busy at work to do a recap (still true today, but it is all about the positive vibes).

Zack Wheeler is a man known to John Shaft. He is a “bad…shut yo mouth.” Except for a possible inning or two in Game 5, Braves are VERY unlikely to see him again, and that is fine with me.

For most of this game, it was the late 60’s all over again. Gibson v. Lolich. Well, maybe “near Gibson versus thin Lolich.” On the Official Braves site, their ERA calculation in the box score has been reset to postseason only. There is a 2.19 by Wheeler. That was pretty good in the late 60’s. That is very good now. But all of Wheeler’s run baggage happened last night. Meanwhile, Wright, 0.00, Minter 0.00, Iglesias 0.00, and Jansen 0.00. And no unearned (or “unearned”) runs. When they get zero you have to like your chances.

Through 5 innings, Wheeler was a little better than Wright in results. Although, there was a slightly visible potential flaw. I thought somebody on our thread last night mentioned this, but I can’t find it. Anyhow, before the 6th inning rally, the Braves had 5 “barrels” against Wheeler. Wheeler was challenging with hard fastballs and there is a risk to that. But Wright was really good.

To end the 6th, Dansby made a back to the infield diving catch in no man’s land in short left center. It was far enough left and in that the Most Excellent Mr. Michael Harris, II couldn’t get there. Neither could the sometimes fielding challenged Eddie Rosario. So, it was “do or die.” Dansby made one of the 10 best postseason fielding plays ever by the Braves. It dropped a spot in those rankings in a couple of innings, but that is not a BAD thing, that is a GOOD thing.

So, still a nothing nothing game. Then, Ozuna struck out and Rosario hit a hard liner to center (one of those “barrels” that is supposed to contribute to scoring). Two outs. And then, the baseball magnet that is Ronald Acuna, Jr. gets hit on the inside of his right elbow. Is Don Mattingly assisting Philly in this postseason? After SEVERAL minutes of agony and treatment, Acuna stayed in to run. I figured he would be out after that, but he finished. Hopefully we dodged one there. Did the long delay rattle Wheeler. Maybe. But that was the first of 5 runners to reach base safely in a row. Up until the hit by pitch, Wheeler had given up 1 hit and no walks. Dansby walked. Olson hit a hard hit ball to Rhys Hoskins’ right that was playable. As A-Rod said, at least he should have blocked it or knocked it down. Acuna came flying around and there it was, a lead. But no, it was not over. Austin Riley smashed one down in front of the plate and Wheeler had to go to within 10 feet of the line to get to it and by the time he picked it up, Dansby had scored and Riley was 10 feet from first. No throw. Then Travis D’Arnaud repeated a hit he had (against the Mets) where he stung it on the ground about 2 feet left of second base and Olson scored. That was it for the scoring. As in that was IT.

As to that fielding play, in the 8th, with one out and one on, Stott popped up down the right field line, foul, about half way the length of the tarp. Riley bumped into the tarp, continued his reach and lean, caught the ball, hit the tarp, and rolled off on the ground while maintaining control. THEN, he had presence of mind to bounce up ready to throw to second. These 2 fielding plays say a lot about talent and clutch and never say die. I feel good after last night’s adventures.

A day off and a restart in Philadelphia on Friday. The big question is if Strider is ready to go. If not, we see Charlie.